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Tendon Rupture

The Levaquin MDL & Judge John R. Tunheim


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Levaquin, a broad spectrum antibiotic used to treat upper respiratory, skin, and urinary tract infections.

It can cause severe tendonitis and even tendon rupture in patients. The drug is manufactured by Ortho-McNeil-Janssen, a division of Johnson & Johnson. Currently, an MDL is before Judge John. R. Tunheim.

An MDL is a multidistrict litigation. This means that, in response to multiple people across the United States seeking legal representation and filing suits against the same company for the same injury, a federal court (or the company or the plaintiff's lawyers) request creation of an MDL proceeding from the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation in Washington, D.C. If the Panel, after a hearing, decides that an MDL proceeding should be created, all of the courts with these similar cases transfer to the MDL court. The cases will then proceed as one case managed by a federal judge.

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In the case of Levaquin, The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation decided that the Levaquin Tendon Rupture cases qualified for an MDL. (MDL No. 08-1943) The Panel further decided to hold the proceedings within the District of Minnesota and assigned Judge Tunheim to oversee the case.

Currently, Judge Tunheim is coordinating pretrial matters. Any additional Levaquin Tendonitis or Tendon Rupture cases will be transferred to the District of Minnesota and become a part of the MDL. After pretrial matters are concluded, the individual cases included within the MDL will transfer back to the original districts for trial, settlement, or other proceedings.

According to the US District Court in the District of Minnesota website, recent information indicates that there will be thousands of cases nationwide included in this MDL. The basis of the lawsuits is that patients were given inadequate information and warnings about the risk of damage to tendons. Because of the lack of information, patients did not recognize signs and symptoms which could have prevented inflammation from worsening to a torn tendon.

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The 15 Phase I cases have begun discovery and the first lawsuits could be prepared for trial by January 2010. Motions to compel and other issues regarding discovery may hold up the process.

If you, or someone you know, has sustained injury to a tendon during or after taking Levaquin, contact a lawyer today.

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