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In a recent study, Risperdal side effects increased a patient's chances of developing diabetes by about 50 percent compared to older antipsychotic drugs prescribed for schizophrenia and bipolar mania.

Janssen Pharmaceutica, part of Johnson & Johnson, misled physicians by minimizing the health risks of prescribing Risperdal (generic risperdone).

Clinical trials testing Risperdal in Alzheimer patients heightened concerns that the occurrence of serious Risperdal side effects is higher than previously thought. Among the 764 Risperdal study participants, 29 cases of stroke and stroke-related side effects were seen, plus four deaths.

Risperdal Questionnaire

Please take the time to answer the questionnaire if you have or have had gynecomastia or other side effects from Risperdal® and are interested in learning more about your legal rights against Janssen, the manufacturer of Risperdal®. Your inquiry is appreciated and we will follow up with you shortly.



First Name of Injured Person
Last Name of Injured Person
Your Name (If not the same)
Relationship to Injured Person
Age of person taking Risperdal
Gender of person taking Risperdal Male  Female
Daytime Phone Number ( ) - ext.
Night Phone Number () - ext.
Cell Phone Number () - ext.
Email Address




Developed gynecomastia (woman-like breasts on a male) -OR-  Early development of breasts in young girls? while on Risperdal?

Yes No
Developed diabetic ketoacidosis while taking Risperdal? Yes No
Developed diabetic hyperglycemia while taking Risperdal? Yes No
Developed diabetic glucose abnormalities while taking Risperdal? Yes No
Developed diabetic diabetic-induced heart attack or coma while taking Risperdal? Yes No

Developed diabetes while taking Risperdal?

Yes No

Diabetes before taking Risperdal?

Yes No
Did child become agitated while on Risperdal®? Yes No

Develop any other health problems while on Risperdal?

Yes No

Please describe:



Are you still taking Risperdal? Yes No
Date Started taking Risperdal:
Date Stopped taking Risperdal:
Have you ever taken Zyprexa®? Yes No
If you remember, then please tell us the approximate dates.
Have you ever taken Seroquel®? Yes No
If you remember, then please tell us the approximate dates.
Have you ever taken Geodon®? Yes No
If you remember, then please tell us the approximate dates.



Current Height

Current Weight


How much weight did you gain while on Risperdal®?

Was gynecomastia it in one or both sides of your chest?

What has your doctor told you was the cause of the Gynecomastia?

Does your child still have gynecomastia?

Yes No

  If not, how did your child get rid of it?


If your child had surgery to correct it:

How old was your child when they had surgery?

How long had your child had gynecomastia?

Were there post surgery complications?

Are you happy with the results?



If it started in childhood/adolescence how did it impact your child?
Did anyone else in your family have it? Father, brothers, uncles, grandfather, etc.?



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