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Morphine Sulfate Immediate Release Tablets

ETHEX Morphene Recall Lawsuits

On November 7, 2008, the Food and Drug Administration, along with drug manufacturer, the ETHEX Corporation released a voluntary recall of several prescription medications, which you can read about here. Included in this recall were Morphine Sulfate Immediate Release Tablets, in both 15mg and 30mg doses. These medications are potentially unsafe for users, as they could be oversized and contain more of the active ingredient than is intended for the patient. This medication is a generic form of the prescription drugs MSIR and Roxanol.

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Morphine Sulfate Immediate Release Tablets in the 15mg dosage are round, brown pills. They are marked with ETH on one side of the pill and 15 on the reverse. Lot numbers 77852-54, 81746, 82519-20, 84113 and 90276-78 are included in the recall. They may expire from 9/09 to 1/11. The 30 mg dosage is in a caplet form, and is also brown in color. It is marked with a 30 on one side and on the opposite, they are marked ETHEX. Affected lots include numbers 75093, 77855-57, 82297, 82521-22, 87239, 88925, and 90288-98 and may expire between 8/09 and 3/11.

Morphine Sulfate Immediate Release Tablets are used to treat severe pain from a variety of different conditions. It works by blocking signals to certain receptors that trigger the pain response. As the drug is an opioid, taking larger than prescribed quantities of morphine sulfate may result in overdose, or may increase the likelihood of dependency. If you believe you have a prescription that is included in this recall, contact your pharmacist or doctor right away and do not stop your medication unless advised. The benefits of continuing the medication until it can be replaced may outweigh the risks.

Symptoms of overdose of this medication can be severe and possibly life threatening. The main indicators of a morphine sulfate overdose include difficulty breathing and severe low blood pressure. Anyone who takes either of these dosages and experiences these symptoms should seek medical help as soon as possible to prevent serious complications.

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Distributors and pharmacies that received medications from the affected batch numbers should contact their customers who may have received these oversized drugs. If you believe you may have some of the medication that is included in the recall, return the prescription to your pharmacy. They should have the information about the recall and will handle any refund or replacement of the medication, if your medications were included in those that were a part of the recall. Make sure you also talk to a Ethex Morphone recall lawyer immediately about your legal rights.

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