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What can you do?

Check with your doctor if you have undergone treatment for AAA and believe that you might have received a potentially defective Ancure unit. If so, then follow your doctor's medical advice as to what to do next.

This is what the FDA has told doctors about Ancure.

  1. Stay Informed. Endovascular repair of AAA is a new and evolving technology, and both Ancure® and AneuRx® have undergone changes in design and labeling during the premarket and postmarket phases. Anticipate that there will be changes and improvements as more clinical experience accumulates with this class of devices. We recommend that you carefully follow the device manufacturer's most recent warnings, precautions, and instructions regarding patient selection and device use.

  2. Make sure that all implanted patients are carefully followed, and undergo periodic follow-up imaging. Patients who are unlikely to adhere to the manufacturer's graft follow-up recommendations may be poor candidates for endovascular repair, even if they are otherwise suitable. Problems that are identified through follow-up imaging may be amenable to further endovascular repair (e.g. additional stent placement), or might require conversion to open aneurysm resection.

  3. Report problems you encounter with the use of these devices, as well as adverse events, to the manufacturer and to the FDA. We will only be able to assess the risk/benefit of these devices, as well as their ultimate clinical usefulness, if we have open communication with practitioners who use them.

If you have been damaged by an Ancure unit, or if you feel that Ancure has put you at risk, then contact a qualified attorney to discuss possible legal action. Ancure has already admitted fault in this case.

Do I have a case?

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