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Yasmin Lawyers warn of Serious Side Effects: What Bayer Doesn't Want You to Know

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Yasmin is an oral contraceptive manufactured by Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals.

It was heralded as a revolutionary product and advertising implied that the progestin used, drospirenone, made Yasmin clinically superior to other oral low dose contraceptives as well as much safer for the consumer. Actually, drospirenone makes Yasmin much more dangerous than other birth control pills, but Bayer would rather you don't think about it.

According to, a site currently unavailable to US and UK consumers (a specific packaging number is required to enter the website), common side effects of Yasmin are: vaginal bleeding between periods, nausea, vomiting, breast pain, acne, itching, migraine, dizziness, emotional lability, painful periods, headache, vaginal yeast infection, depression, back pain, abdominal pain, nervousness, rash, vision change or inability to wear contacts.

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Berlex/Bayer prescribing information indicates that Yasmin users may also experience fluid retention resulting in swelling of hands and feet which may raise blood pressure. Other common Yasmin side effects may include melasma, a discoloration of the skin, appetite changes, and loss of scalp hair. These are not considered serious, but are cosmetically unappealing and may be a deterrent if women were aware of the risks.

Do You Have A YAZ Birth Control Case? » goes on to list the following serious side effects: blood clot in the lung (symptoms described as sudden, sharp pain in chest, cough blood, shortness of breath), blood clot in leg (characterized by sudden severe calf pain), heart attack (indicated by crushing chest pain or heaviness in chest), stroke (symptoms are severe or worsening headache or vomiting, dizziness or fainting, disturbance of vision or speech or weakness in an arm or leg), blood clot in eye (patients may experience sudden partial or complete loss of vision), liver tumor (symptoms include severe pain or lump in abdomen), liver issues (characterized by jaundice – a yellow appearance to the skin), severe depression, high blood pressure.

The official website goes on to mention that Yasmin “may” increase potassium levels in high-risk patients. The wording of this warning is blatantly irresponsible in that it minimizes the nature of this potentially life threatening side effect of Yasmin. This statement implies that only high-risk patients need worry about elevated potassium levels. In other words, those with kidney, liver, and adrenal disease “may” experience this problem.

On, it is suggested (but not required) that patients have a blood test for potassium during the first month. Patients are advised to discuss use with a doctor or pharmacist if they are taking NSAIDs such as ibuprofen, potassium sparing diuretics like spironolactone, potassium supplements, ACE inhibitors and angiotensin-II receptor antagonists for high blood pressure such as captopril, or the blood-thinner Heparin. The reason for this is unexplained on the official site, but the prescribing literature explains that these medications can also increase potassium. The addition of Yasmin to patient's medication regime, if they are taking one of those listed drugs, can boost the potassium within the first month to dangerous levels.

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Patients who have taken Yasmin should be educated and aware of the risks. If you have suffered from serious side effects related to the use of Yasmin, seek legal advice from a Yasmin attorney as soon as possible.

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