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Wrongful death must have been caused by someone else’s misconduct such as in the defendant’s conduct. There need not be a direct intention to kill the victim but the defendant must be negligent or liable for the victim’s death.

For instance, two different people unknown to each other go out for a Sunday drive. The defendant carelessly drives over the speed limit and smashes into the victim’s vehicle, killing him. Or perhaps the defendant drinks too much and slams his vehicle into a pole, a person, another car. The defendant didn’t intentionally go out to kill someone but he did and his negligence will demonstrate wrongful death.

The victim also known as the deceased will have a spouse, parent, family members, or dependents that suffer emotionally and monetarily as a result of his or her death. These are all components of a wrongful death claim and a wrongful death lawsuit.

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Wrongful deaths can result from any number of causes but the most wrongful deaths occur from car, SUV, and truck accidents as in wrongful death by car wrecks. Head on collisions, sideswipes, single-car smash-ups, DUI, SUV rollovers, spontaneous combustion, inferior tires, airbags that fail, improperly made infant car seats, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, school bus accidents, and pedestrians simply walking across the street are all common causes of wrongful deaths.

Someone is at fault whether it be a drunk driver, underage driver, truck driver, airbag manufacturer, infant car seat maker, tire manufacturer, SUV manufacturer , or third party vendor. Wrongful death may be caused by a car manufacturer if there was failure to recall a defective part or tire; or if a truck’s brakes failed because of poor maintenance by the trucking company or trucking maintenance.

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