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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle crash fatalities have increased every year for the past nine years. In 2006 4,810 people died in motorcycle crashes, up 5.1 percent from 4,576 in 2005. There were 6.2 million motorcycles on U.S. roads in 2005, according to the Federal Highway Administration, compared with 137.4 million passenger cars. The fatality rate for motorcyclists in 2005 was 5.4 times the fatality rate for passenger car occupants per registered vehicle.

Motorcyclists were 37 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a crash in 2006.
There has been a dramatic jump in the number of deaths among motorcycle riders age 40 and older in recent years.  Motorcycles are less crashworthy than closed vehicles. They are also less visible to other drivers and pedestrians and less stable than four-wheel vehicles. Operating a motorcycle requires a different combination of physical and mental skills than those used in driving four-wheel vehicles. Motorcyclists are more vulnerable to weather hazards and road conditions than drivers in closed vehicles.

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Motorcycle drivers have high incidences of alcohol use. In 2006, 27 percent of motorcycle operators involved in fatal motorcycle crashes had a blood-alcohol concentration over 0.08 compared with 23 percent of drivers of passenger cars, 24 percent of light truck drivers and 1 percent of large truck drivers in fatal crashes. Even though there are more passenger vehicles on the road, motorcyclists have the highest percentage of driving while intoxicated. Over 59 percent of motorcyclists who died in single-vehicle crashes had blood alcohol content of 0.08 or higher.

A fatal car accident rarely has any warning or not enough warning to properly diffuse the scenario. You have a split second to react in a way that could save your life and the lives of your passengers. If you are talking on a cell phone, fiddling with the radio, or just looking away from the road, that split second is lost. And so, perhaps, is a life.

It’s a heart wrenching job but someone has to do it—fatal accident investigations detective. The job entails going  to the scenes of a fatal traffic accidents and making out fatal car accident reports.  Unfortunately, inattention is the cause of many a fatal car accident. 

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Today’s luxurious vehicles create a false sense of security. They are very comfortable. You can even watch DVD movies just like sitting on your living room couch. People forget that they can get killed or kill others in a fatal car accident from their seemingly safe cars.

Has your loved one died from a fatal motorcycle crash or a fatal car accident?

Nothing can ever bring them back but Monheit Law takes whatever steps are necessary to make wrongs right and fight on behalf of your loved one. All it takes is a moment of your time to begin the journey to justice.

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