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Accidental Death Lawsuits-Pennsylvania
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Accidental deaths are the fifth leading cause of death but the number of fatal accidents is on the rise. Many an accidental death accident is preventable. The accidental death is frequently caused by carelessness or disregard to and for others. An accidental death can be caused by inferior products or unscrupulous companies that put profit over people resulting in negligent death settlements.

Causes of accidental death: People who drive while drunk.  Drivers know better but often alcohol or illegal drug use dulls common sense while gives the user a false sense of bravado. Accidental deaths can be caused from falling: Falling off ladders that collapse without cause, falling down stairs when the floor is wet in a public place, falling down elevator shafts that haven’t been maintained or inspected at unsafe construction and mining sites. All these accidental deaths may result in negligent death settlements.

Accidental deaths occur: When smoke detectors don’t work, when flammable beds and couches catch on fire, when drivers use the highway as a raceway and when it’s all said and done, skid marks every which way all point to the driver for causing the negligent death.

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Contributing factors to accidental death lawsuits: As the population ages, more accidental will occur from falling and taking too many medications leading to overdoses. Distracting technology also is another cause for accidental death especially among younger drivers who are busy talking on their cell phones or texting instead of paying attention to the road.

Accidental deaths would be preventable: If fewer people died from poisoning, especially overdosing on over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs that cause more problems than they cure, and from mixing herbal concoctions with prescription drugs. If parents kept children away from the backyard or apartment pool, thousands of innocent children would not drown every year. If toy-makers and baby-product companies were held accountable to higher standards, to develop toys and pacifiers, that didn’t end up choking children.

Negligent Death Settlements

Life seems to be an accidental death waiting to happen. Every day we hear about fatal accidents and negligent death settlements.

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