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Learn about these NSAIDs, the recall, & the risks.


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...studies associate Vioxx with heart problems, kidney damage, aseptic menin...


Who is responsible for Vioxx kidney damage?

Safety Risks to patients due to lack of warnings.


What is being done about Vioxx Kidney damage?

Class action lawsuit filed against the maker of Vioxx.


What can you do if Vioxx damaged your kidneys?

You may be entitled to compensation for damages


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Heart Attacks and Strokes
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Vioxx Kidney Damage & Celebrex Overview

Arthritis is a painful, crippling disease that affects millions of people. Pain management is an important part of treatment.


Unfortunately, these medications which are used to treat arthritis have been associated with serious side effects, including Vioxx kidney damage, ulcers, and intestinal bleeding.


A new generation of pain relievers, such as these, was supposed to provide greater protection from pain without the risk of these side effects. Unfornately, side effects such as Vioxx Kidney damage put into question the benefit of these drugs.


Research now shows that Vioxx and Celebrex may have promised more than they could deliver.


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