Do you have a DPT vaccines lawsuit? Get a free vaccines consultation at

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Do you have a DPT vaccines lawsuit? Get a free vaccines consultation at
Has your child suffered adverse vaccine reactions? Get a free consultation at Do you have a DPT vaccines lawsuit? Get a free vaccines consultation at


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Benefits of Monhiet Law

Finding a Vaccine Injury law firm is not easy. As a client, you will want to retain a Vaccine lawyer that you feel comfortable with. It is an important step picking a law firm for your particular lawsuit. You will also want to feel at ease with the law firm. Lastly, you will want to establish communication and not be thrust in their voicemail maze in order to talk to a human being.

If we sign a contract, you receive my cell phone number. And yes, I answer the phone; not my secretary nor my paralegal. And if I'm not in, leave a message for me and I will return your call or see that it's returned within a day. Now's that service — especially in the legal world.

Why do I do that? Let's just say that I like to treat people the way that I like to be treated. I hope you'll return my phone calls quickly too.

My experience and knowledge base complements their know-how and zealous work ethic. I have been on the executive committee and steering committee of multi district litigation. We work as a team on the behalf of clients just like you. We know what it takes to fight the pharmaceutical companies and big business. And, it all works on your behalf.

Let me help you take the mystery and fear out of choosing a Vaccine law firm.

Start here
The first thing we ask is for you to fill out a Vaccine Injury Pre-Case Form (case.asp). There is never an obligation to continue. At this point we don't know if we're the right law firm for you or vice versa but it's the most logical way to begin. All your information will be held in the strictest confidence.

Decisions, decisions
After we receive the pre-case form, it will be reviewed to determine whether or not our law firm can help you. We will most likely ask more questions to gather information before making a decision. At this point we have not agreed to represent you and more importantly, you have not yet agreed to retain us. Representation can only happen when you and Monheit Law enter into a written agreement covering all the details.

Us and them
The average person feels powerless because the thought of one person fighting a multi-million dollar pharmaceutical company seems overwhelming. And processing your own claim in the Vaccine Injury Program can seem overwhelming as well. That's why hiring a law firm makes sense. Most often you are not alone as thousands of people may be filing lawsuits and you could be part of a class action lawsuit or you could be filing a solo civil suit. Monheit Law has a successful track record fighting for what's right, fighting on behalf of people just like you who trusted the system and the drug companies to make them well and to protect them from sickness instead of making them sick.

You have questions; we have answers. It's perfectly acceptable to ask a law firm about their experience, procedures, and costs. We listen to your concerns and outline the process. With over 30 attorneys, many leaders in their field, Monheit Law is devoted to handling product negligence and personal injury lawsuits.

How much does a lawsuit cost?
It costs you nothing. Really. If we agree to be retained*, we take your case on an hourly basis which is paid by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. You pay nothing out of pocket, ever! If you don't win your vaccine case, you owe us nothing. No recovery; no fees. The likelihood of a successful lawsuit varies based on the facts of each case. Each person's use of vaccines varies and will affect the outcome of any lawsuit. There are also case specific issues, involving the handling of each unsafe vaccine lawsuit.

Can you hear me now?

If you have signed a contract retaining us, then you receive Michael Monheit's cell phone number for questions or the status of your litigation. You can also reach him via email.

Take the first step and fill out the Vaccine Injury Pre-Case Form and let the process begin.

Thank you, Michael Monheit

*Since we are accepting your case on a contingency basis, we have the right to decide which cases we accept.



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