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June 2005

Consumer Alert: Auto insurance

May 2005

Do You Have Enough Car Insurance
Motorist Financial Responsibility Legislation Passes Texas House

April 2005

What to do when the other driver does not have insurance?
Two tips about your insurance company and your UM/UIM policy
My Insurance Company Says I Don't Need a Lawyer
What is UM coverage
Dirty tricks played by insurance companies in settling UM and UIM claims
What is the best way to negotiate with an adjuster?
What does UM/UIM insurance do for you?
Will my own insurance adjuster protect my interests? - Monheit Law
Burden of proof, UM, Uninsured Motorist - Monheit Law
UM Coverage, Uninsured Motorist Coverage - What is it? - Monheit Law
I felt hurt later, my own isurance company (UIM/UM) is now saying they won't pay my claim - Monheit Law
Talking to an insurance adjsuter - Be careful! Insurance people, adjuster, consulting an injury lawyer - Monheit Law
Will my insurance company protect me if the other driver was no insured? Uninsired Motorist, (UM) coverage - Monheit Law
UM Coverage, Full Protection, UM/UIM insurance - Monheit Law
Buying Uninsured Motorist Coverage, How much coverage do you need - Monheit Law
Insurance adjuster, settlement offer, compensation by hiring a lawyer, the lawyer will take one-third, Is this true?
I've been in a car crash, and the insurance company for the other driver is telling me I don't need a lawyer. Is this true?



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