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How do I find out if transvaginal mesh was used during my surgery?

Privacy policies prevail in a medical setting. This is a good thing because as a patient you have the right to determine who can view your medical records.

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To find out if transvaginal mesh was used during your surgery, you will need to contact the hospital or medical center where your surgery was done. Every hospital has a different procedure.

The first thing you should do is view the hospital’s website to find out how to request records. If it’s not on the website, call the hospital and inquire what the procedure is.

In most hospitals you will need to fill out a form for your request. Most likely you will need to pay for photocopying. Hospitals will either mail the medical records or you can arrange to pick them up.

In some hospitals, you can also schedule a time to go view records to find out if transvaginal mesh was used during surgery.

If your wife or mother is too ill to obtain her medical records, then you as the spouse or son/daughter must have valid authorization – signed by you or your legal representative specifying that her medical records may be released to you.

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If you receive the medical records and they are vague about which medical device was used, you will have to contact your doctor. Hopefully, that won’t be an issue.

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