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Are they still using Transvaginal Mesh?

Transvaginal Surgical Mesh Lawsuit Information Yes. Although the FDA has put on a safety alert about transvaginal mesh and hundreds of women have filed lawsuits for pain and suffering from these medical implants – doctors are still using transvaginal mesh and manufacturers are still making the gyno-urological mesh.

Doesn’t it make you wonder how many lawsuits are too many lawsuits?

Doesn’t it make you wonder what has to happen before a transvaginal mesh product is recalled?

Some of the mesh makers agree that – yes – there should be more oversight and more clinical trials but so far that has not happened.

Some of the surgeons associations agree that – yes – there should be more training for complex transvaginal mesh implants but that has not stopped them from continuing to do the surgery.

While many stakeholders agree that there is room for improvement, nobody has hit the pause button in order to improve the product or no entity has recalled the product until another transvaginal mesh solution is deemed safer.

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If you suffer from a medical condition where you doctor recommends transvaginal mesh – it’s your turn to hit the pause button. Discuss your concerns with your doctor and inquire as to safer solutions.

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