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What can you do about Autism from Thimerosal in Children?


Parents of many autistic children were angered by the legislation that protected Eli Lilly from legal responsibility for the autism in children caused by their product, autism from Thimerosal. Due to the protections that were put in place for that company in the Homeland Security Bill, for a time, any Thimerosal legal claims were limited to the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Thankfully, that part of the legislation was rescinded -- as many legislators believe in the strong link between these vaccines and autism and were not willing to let the manufacturer off the hook for children who suffered autism from Thimerosal.

Options for anyone wishing to sue thimerosal vaccine manufacturers for autism in children, under this program are admittedly limited. This is what drove several Congress members to update the Homeland Security Bill to make Eli Lilly accountable for their actions.

Meanwhile, other companies that used thimerosal in their products without expressing the possible dangers to doctors and parents of children are gearing up for a legal battle. Many parents are claiming that scientific research proves a correlation between any thimerosal containing vaccine and autism from thimerosal. The studies are based on the sudden dramatic rise in autism in children and are using this rise as proof that the children developed autism from Thimerosal. This litigation seeks to prove that there is a link between Thimerosal's mercury and autism.

If you have a child or loved one that has suffered autism from Thimerosal, or if you even suspect autism in a child from Thimerosal, you should contact the office of Monheit Law immediately to see if you have a case.


Do I have a case for autism from Thimerosal?


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