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Thimerosal is a water-soluble, cream-colored crystalline powder, and is known to be 49.6% mercury by weight. In the human body, thimerosal is metabolized to ethyl mercury and thiosalicylate, and while the literature on Thimerosal metabolism and excretion is limited and old, case reports have demonstrated toxicity after massive overdoses.

Thimerosal acts as a preservative in many of the vaccines that were in popular use since the 1930’s. What this means is that it doesn’t have to be present in these vaccines, in fact thimerosal was only added to these substances as a convenience for the manufacturers; it provides no actual benefit to the treatment of the patient. A person being vaccinated with a Thimerosal-free drug would have exactly the same chance of an adverse reaction from the injection itself as anyone taking a shot with Thimerosal present if the shot came from a single-use vial. It causes one to wonder why one would risk childhood-autism from Thimerosal?

Why the Thimerosal was added was because those administering the drug traditionally would have to dispense with the vaccine vial after it had been used once, in order to prevent air exposure from introducing bacteria and fungi to the compound. The addition of Thimerosal meant the same vial could be used over and over until it was empty, thereby reducing packaging costs and maximizing profits at the risk of causing childhood autism.

In fact, the mandatory addition of preservatives in multi-dose vials of vaccine was incorporated into the United States Code of Federal Regulations (CDR) in January 1968. Specifically, the CFR stated:

Products in multi-dose containers shall contain a preservative, except that a preservative need not be added to Yellow Fever Vaccine; Polio-virus Vaccine, Live Oral; viral vaccine labeled for use with the jet injector; dried vaccines when the accompanying diluent contains a preservative; or to an Allergenic Product in 50 percent or more volume (v/v) glycerin. [21 CFR 610.15(a)]

The CFR also required that the preservative used:

…[s]hall be sufficiently non-toxic so that the amount present in the recommended dose of the product will not be toxic to the recipient, and in combination used it shall not denature the specific substance in the product to result in a decrease below the minimal acceptable potency within the dating period when stored at the recommended temperature. [21 CFR 610.15(a)]

And that’s where we come to the problem with Thimerosal - its non-toxicity is highly questionable. That is why we are representing families of children with autsim in childhood autsim lawsuits.


Do I have a childhood-autism lawsuit?


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