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"To ignore an avoidable risk and to put 8,000 children a day in harm's way is not only inhumane, it may be criminal."

Dan Burton, congressman and chairman of the special committee asking that all mercury-containing vaccines be discontinued.


In October 2000, Republican Congressman Dan Burton, Chairman of the House Committee on Government Reform, requested that the Food and Drug Administration order the recall of all vaccines which contain Thimerosal. Citing the dangers of Thimerosal injuries and mental retardation as a result of mercury poisoning to children, he drew testimony from his committee's hearings on mercury and vaccines as evidence that the vaccines are dangerous. He also expressed the opinion that his grandson's mental retardation and autism was a Thimerosal injury -- caused by such vaccinations.

But as far back as 1982, the FDA issued ‘proposed regulations’ that called for the removal of Thimerosal from all over-the-counter products. It took 16 years for those regulations to become finalized, despite the fact that an FDA expert panel had already concluded that Thimerosal was ineffective as a bacteriostatic agent, caused cell damage, and was patently unsafe. Despite this, Thimerosal use continued.

Meanwhile, the number of children that have been affected by mental retardation and autism climbed markedly, clearly in proportion with the increase in the number of vaccinations containing Thimerosal.


In 1970, 1 child in 2000 was affected by mental retardation and autism. By 2000, that number had risen 800 percent to a startling 1 in 250. Today, 1 in 5 children are diagnosed with learning disabilities.

It could be said that the scale of this situation is on a par with the tobacco lawsuits of a few years ago, only the victims here aren’t consenting adults, they’re small (and in some cases unborn) children.

Tennessee Senator Bill Frist has previously tried to author a bill that would protect Eli Lilly and other vaccine makers from lawsuits concerning Thimerosal injuries and mental retardation. When writing his original bill, a watered down version was snuck into the recent Homeland Security Bill that specifically protects Eli Lilly from claims of mental retardation and Thimerosal injures. Frist not only consulted with the drug company, but the firm also contributed $226,250 to Frist’s National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee. Additionally, when Frist wrote a book on bioterrorism following the September 11 terrorist attacks, Eli Lilly bought 5,000 copies and distributed the book to doctors around the United States.

Clearly the parents of children who have suffered Thimerosal injuries have a fight on their hands if they’re going to get justice from the likes of Frist and Eli Lilly. We’re here to help you fight back if you suspect that your child has a Thimerosal injury or mental retardation.


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