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In what could be called the biggest case of child poisoning of all time, a multitude of lawsuits have been filed against drug companies accusing them of failing to inform doctors and patients how much mercury was contained in their vaccines - until 1997 when Congress ordered the FDA to implement warnings about the potential for Thimerosal mercury posioning.

Defendants for these mercury poisoning claims presently include, among others, the following drug companies:


Aventis Pasteur Inc.
Pasteur Merieux Connaught
Pfizer Inc.
Merck & Co.
Abbott Laboratories
American Home Products
Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories
Lederle Laboratories
Baxter International Inc.
Integra Chemical Co.
Sigma Chemical Co.
Aldrich Chemical Co.

Eli Lilly & Co., the producer of thimerosal, had until recently been excluded from these lawsuits because President Bush signed into law a section of the Homeland Security Bill which for some reason included a provision that protected Eli Lilly & Co. from thimerosal poisoning lawsuits. Nobody in the government would admit authorship of this aspect of the bill, perhaps because it was essentially ‘snuck in’ to a bill that, in the shadow of 9/11, was never likely to be voted down. More recently, others in the political arena demanded that this section of the law be rescinded, leading to the following landmark reversal.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A controversial measure protecting companies from lawsuits from families blaming their children's autism on a vaccine preservative will be repealed under a massive spending bill Congress passed late Thursday. The provision shielded manufacturers such as Eli Lilly and Co. from being sued over harm caused by a mercury-based vaccine ingredient called thimerosal. Supporters said the liability protections were necessary because lawsuits alleging harm from thimerosal have bypassed a federal vaccine injury compensation fund set up in 1986. The fund was established in part to encourage companies to stay in the vaccine business because vaccines benefit the public good. Lilly argued that lawsuits alleging injury due to vaccine ingredients should also go through the federal fund. The provision to protect companies from being sued over vaccine ingredients had passed Congress as one of several measures tucked into last year's homeland security legislation at the last minute, sparking an uproar that nearly derailed that bill.


"This provision was added in the dark of night, clearly as a payback to powerful political supporters, and it had no place in legislation intended to protect American families," said Michigan Democrat Sen. Debbie Stabenow, who had pushed for the repeal. The spending bill passed Thursday repealed that language. Lilly had argued that the congressional measure would protect vaccine makers from meritless lawsuits. "We're disappointed by the decision to repeal the vaccine ingredient provision. However, we agree that process by which the legislation was enacted was not desirable," Sagebiel said.
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So what does this mean to you? It means that right now is the perfect time for YOU to talk to a lawyer and decide whether you have a case against the companies that are responsible for Thimerosal poisoning. Click here to request to talk to an expert attorney about Thimerosal poisoning.


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