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Tekturna medication side effects

Here are serious Tekturna medication side effects

Tekturna Kidney Disease Lawsuit Information

--Swelling of the head and neck, limbs, lips, tongue, and larynx – This serious side effect has caused sufferers to be hospitalized and require intubation. Swelling may affect breathing. The swelling also called angioedema has happened to patients with and without a history of swelling from other hypertension medications. People who suffer swelling should discontinue Tekturna.

--Excessive drop in blood pressure is called hypotension. People faced with this dangerous drop should receive an infusion of normal saline. It’s important to stabilize blood pressure to normal.

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--Impaired Tekturna kidney disease – Check serum electrolytes to detect possible electrolyte imbalances

--Hyperkalemia – When used in conjunction with an ACE inhibitor there was an increase in serum potassium. Monitoring is especially important.

While high blood pressure is thought of as an older person’s problem, women of childbearing age or who are trying to get pregnant should talk to their doctors before taking Tekturna because the drug is in the Pregnancy Category D leading to fetal toxicity. Use of drugs that act on the renin-angiotensin system during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy reduces fetal renal function and increases skeletal deformations, fetal and neonatal morbidity and death.

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