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Approximately 12.5 million underage teens drink each year. In 2005, according to self-reports by United States students in grades 9-12 74% had at least one drink of alcohol on one or more days during their life » Underage Drinking Statistics

Teen drivers are involved in more than five times as many fatal crashes as adults are.  Young drivers are more likely to speed, run red lights, make illegal turns, and die in SUV rollovers. » Underage Drinking Prevention Resources

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Alcohol Related Car Accidents Are on the Rise

Alcohol Related Car Accidents

Who doesn’t like to have a beer, glass of wine, or cocktail after work or when hanging out with friends? It’s social, relaxing, and makes meeting new people easier. Yes, when alcoholic beverages are consumed in moderation by responsible adults, it’s not usually a problem.

The problem happens when alcohol related car accidents happen. More than 250,000 people have died from alcohol related car crashes in the past ten years. At least 500 people are killed every week from alcohol related car accidents. One American life is lost every 20 minutes in alcohol related car crashes. Amazingly, one out of every two people will be involved in an alcohol related accident in his or her lifetime either as the cause of the accident, a byproduct of the accident, or the victim.

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The number of alcohol related car accidents is staggering. The number of alcohol related accidents is not going to diminish any time soon especially when films and popular song lyrics (even rap) lean to glamorizing how hip drinking alcohol can be.

But how many alcoholic drinks are too many? And who’s counting? If there is no designated driver and everyone is downing beers or shots competitively, who rises to the top of the staggering heap to be responsible when everyone is equally impaired?

The bar or the bartender or the server; they should be counting. They certainly know what round this is and how many drinks everyone had and in what time frame. At this point, if the patrons, whether young or old, seem negatively impacted by the alcohol, as in intoxicated – it’s time for the bar to be responsible and say – “Stop, enough, eat some food, and drink some coffee. Let’s call you a cab.” 

But drinking is good for business and most bars will pretend not to notice.  

Did you know that if a bar patron is in an alcohol related car accident and seriously injures or kills others, whether it be passengers in their car or passengers in oncoming cars – not only is the drunk driver responsible but so is the bar or server who served the driver and assisted him or her into intoxication?

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Also when a bar that serves drinks to minors under 21 or fails to check proper I.D.s and the underage drinker is in an accident, that bar can be held responsible for drunk driver behavior.

People who sell alcohol whether it be in a restaurant, bar, or local convenience market are held to a certain standard of not selling alcohol to minors and not overselling alcohol to people of any age who are intoxicated.

If you or a family member has been seriously injured or a wrongful death has occurred because of an alcohol related car accident, talking to an alcohol related car accident law firm about your options makes sense.


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