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Rare Skull Birth Defect Lawsuit - Craniosynostosis

Craniosynostosis affects one in 2,000 to 2,500 live births worldwide. This sounds like a rare skull birth defect but if your baby is that one – Monheit Law can help.

Skull Birth Defect Lawsuit Information

What is this rare skull birth defect? Craniosynostosis is premature fusion of the skull bones. While some children are born with this skull birth defect, other children later develop it. When there’s not enough space for the growing brain, intracranial pressure leads to loss of visual and mental impairment.

The skull is comprised of different bones that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. The areas where the bones meet are called sutures. Bones normally expand and grow. When that doesn’t happen, the condition is called craniosynostosis which leads to an abnormally shaped skull.

What causes craniosynostosis?

Prescription drugs that disrupt the development of the fetus or embryo may cause this rare skull birth defect. Medication like antidepressants or other prescription or over-the-counter drugs that cross the placenta may disturb fetus or embryo development.

More causes may include:

  • Smoking during
  • High levels of thyroid hormone
  • Fetal head constraint during pregnancy

Currently, surgery is the only effective treatment for craniosynostosis. The planning and timing of the surgery is important as to the success of this treatment.

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Does your baby suffer from craniosynostosis because you were prescribed antidepressants during pregnancy? If the answer is yes, please contact Monheit Law as you and your family may be entitled to an unsafe drug lawsuit.

Because craniosynostosis is a rare skull birth defect, expensive surgery, treatments, and medication are obstacles you must overcome. Is there financial recovery in your future?

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