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Class Certification in Fla. Prempro Suit Reversed

"In a huge victory for pharmaceutical giant Wyeth, a Florida appeals court on Wednesday halted a class action suit that claimed its hormone replacement drug could harm hundreds of thousands of Florida women. A three-judge panel of the state's 3rd District Court of Appeal unanimously held in Wyeth Inc. v. Arlene Gottlieb that the claims were not common enough for the case to move forward as a class action. Instead, women who claim they may suffer future health problems because of their use of the drug Prempro will have to file individual suits against Wyeth. The Wyeth decision reverses a ruling last February by Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Lawrence A. Schwartz certifying the class. It was the latest class action setback for Miami attorney Stanley Rosenblatt, who represented the class, which was estimated to include 300,000 Florida women." Carl Jones, Daily Business Review, 2/16/06

Class status sought for 3 menopause drug cases

Estrogen pills have little effect, study says

It seems that Prempro may not be worth the risk. Estrogen pills have little effect on older women's quality of life, fresh evidence from a landmark study shows in another blow to the belief that most women need the hormones to feel better after menopause.

Women sue drug maker Wyeth

Thousands of American women are filing lawsuits against Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, alleging that its hormone-replacement medications caused breast cancer, blood clots and other serious health problems.

Pill and HRT drugs cause cancer, say researchers

WHO's cancer research group - the International Agency for Research on Cancer - announced yesterday that it had reclassified the pill and hormone replacement therapy from "possibly carcinogenic to humans" to "carcinogenic to humans". The reclassification concerns combined eostrogen-progestogen treatments and places the compounds used in the drugs in the same classification as tobacco and asbestos. However, doctors have urged caution in interpreting the conclusions.

Women report symptoms after hormone therapy

When hormone replacement therapy is discontinued, women experience a return of symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats. Many women may now have given up taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for menopausal symptoms because of health concerns. Recent research has suggested that some forms of HRT, at least, have more risks than benefits. A team at the University of Massachusetts now reports on what happens when women do stop taking HRT.!gid1=7349

Bioidentical Hormones

-> Bioidentical Hormones
"Bioidentical hormones" is a term that means different things to different people. To scientists and healthcare providers, it means hormones identical to those produced by the human ovary. For estrogen, it's 17-beta-estradiol. For progestogen (needed for women with a uterus who use estrogen to protect the uterus), it's progesterone. There are several FDA-approved products containing these two hormones. However, the public (and a few healthcare providers) typically use the term to mean custom-compounded hormones - drugs that are made by a compounding pharmacist from a physician's prescription. These compounded products have not undergone rigorous clinical trials and must be recognized as experimental therapies, not tested for effectiveness or safety. Insurance programs typically do not reimburse for these experimental therapies.

The term 'bioidentical' is almost as ingenious as the term 'natural' when it comes to marketing a product; both terms appeal to consumers' aversion to 'artificial' ingredients, and they suggest that what you are getting can have no adverse effects. But I and many of the physicians and researchers who have looked at studies or tested what's in these so-called 'nature-made' products disagree.

Inflamatory Breast Cancer

No Lump Required for serious breast cancer known as Inflamatory Breast Cancer I hope that you never have a need for this information, but, reading about the experience of others, could save your life. Did you know that one of approximately 11,000 women nationwide that do get this most aggressive form of breast cancer. It is called Inflammatory Breast Cancer. The scariest part is that there is usually no lump!

When diagnosed with non-invasive ductal carcinoma in situ, usually a wide excision, followed by 8 weeks of radiation is the course of treatment. This is a non-invasive cancer that is contained in the milk ducts. It is often considered to be at Stage 0.

Doctors Demand an End to Restrictions on HRT

Experts in Britain and other European countries yesterday said curbs had been wrongly imposed on HRT drugs following 'flawed and misleading' research. Studies showing women taking the therapy live longer than women not on the drugs and are more likely to survive breast cancer have been ignored, they said. Dr John Stevenson, chairman of the Women's Health Concern charity, said there was a backlash against limits put on the use of HRT by regulators. He said: 'Women are being denied HRT and suffering the consequences of menopausal symptoms because of seriously flawed and misleading research.' He was speaking at a symposium of international HRT experts at Surrey University.

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