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Shunt Malfunction Blindness

Many things can go wrong when a shunt malfunctions; blindness is one of them.

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The hind part of the brain or the occipital lobe is responsible for visual processing. Also pressure changes in the brain caused by over draining may contribute to blindness. Sometimes the blindness is temporary and sometimes vision disturbances are irreversible.

Misdiagnosis or not looking for visual changes as a symptom during shunt malfunctions is another reason for blindness.

Every patient will experience different symptoms. Doctors and assisting medical staff must be cognizant that there are no cookie cutter adverse events. Intracranial pressure or ICP from ventricular shunt failure may be overlooked or misinterpreted during a MRI.

Another problem with increased intracranial pressure is swelling of the optic disc also known as papilledema caused by an increase in fluid pressure within the skull.

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The optic nerve transmits signals from the eye to the brain. Almost all cases of papilledema affect both eyes. Papilledema can be observed in people of any age, but is relatively uncommon in infants because the bones of the skull are not fully fused together at this age.

Has a loved one suffered blindness from shunt malfunction? If the answer is yes, itís advisable to speak to Monheit Law to find out if any medical malpractice was involved.

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