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Types of Spinal Surgery Complications and Malpractice

Spinal surgery can be mired with complications.

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The weight of the upper body is transferred through the spine to the hips and the legs. The spine is held upright through the work of the back muscles, which are attached to the vertebrae. One false move or the smallest of errors can cause lifelong paralysis or nerve damage.

Spinal surgery complications include anesthesia injury, blood clots, infection, pain, bleeding, and paralysis. Surgical procedures which use a bone graft from a cadaver or hardware to reinforce fusion, always have a greater chance of infection. If an infection enters the spinal canal, a patient could die.

If bones donít fuse well during spinal fusion, the operation must be repeated doubling your chances for more complications.

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More spinal surgery complications can happen when the membrane surrounding a spinal cord is ruptured. This membrane will leak spinal fluid if punctured. If a spinal fluid leak continues, greater risks ensue for headaches, fluid infection, or spinal meningitis.

Damaged spinal nerves can negatively impact sensation and/or movement. In rare cases, the lung will be affected and in extreme cases of nerve damage, a person can die.

When spinal surgery has complications, this may be considered medical malpractice spinal surgery. If you or your loved one has suffered serious and debilitating problems because of spinal surgery complications Ė please consider contacting a Pa. medical malpractice law firm to find out what your legal options are and how they can offer assistance.

Surgery is scary especially spinal surgery. One false move equates to medical negligence.

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