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Primary Causes of Manganism Welding rods and other metal materials contain the potentially harmful element manganese. When heated, manganese rods release toxic fumes. The inhalation of these fumes lead to manganese toxicity, a neurological disorder that resembles Parkinson's disease (PD). The National Parkinson's Foundation confirms that occupational exposures to manganese have been linked with clinical parkinsonism. Furthermore, exposure to the combination of manganese and iron, a common mixture in occupational welding environments, has been related to elevated PD risk.

Secondary Causes of Manganism Manganism may also be caused by exposure to dust created by welding rods and other items that contain manganese. Exposure to high levels of airborne manganese, from welding rod fumes or from fumes such as in a manganese foundry or battery plant, can affect motor skills such as holding one's hand steady, performing fast hand movements, and maintaining balance. Exposure to high levels of the manganese toxicity may also cause respiratory problems and sexual dysfunction.

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Parkinson's Disease Parkinsonsim
Parkinson's Syndrome Neuropathy
Manganese Poisoning Manganism
Welding Disease Sickness No Diagnosis
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Identify the types of symptoms you have experienced from among the known conditions that may be caused by past exposure to welding fumes:
Tremors; shaky movements Loss of motor skills
Impaired hand-eye coordination Slurred speech or lack of facial expression
Difficulty walking; clumsiness Weakness and tiredness; mood problems
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