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Manganese Medical Information


"Inhalation health risks of manganese: an EPA perspective."
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"News release issued by Washington University School Of Medicine"
Researchers Suspect Link Between Welding And Parkinson’s Disease Based on resource:


Do I have a Manganism, welder's-disease, case?

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Does your doctor believe that you may be suffering the health effects of welding rod fumes or gases? Yes No

Has your doctor diagnosed you with any of the following conditions?  
Parkinson's Disease Parkinsonsim
Parkinson's Syndrome Neuropathy
Manganese Poisoning Manganism
Welding Disease Sickness No Diagnosis
What was the date of the initial diagnosis:  

How were you exposed to welding fumes?
   Worked as a Welder
   Worked Around Welders.

What is the date range when you were exposed to welding fumes?
    Start Date of Exposure:   
    End Date of Exposure:     

Identify the types of symptoms you have experienced from among the known conditions that may be caused by past exposure to welding fumes:
Tremors; shaky movements Loss of motor skills
Impaired hand-eye coordination Slurred speech or lack of facial expression
Difficulty walking; clumsiness Weakness and tiredness; mood problems
When did you start noticing the symptoms?

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