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What is the Problem?

Doctors who have studied Lotronex said it's a great help for some patientsóbut it's little or no help to many others. and for others, it causes serious problems or even death.

What's more, doctors can't tell in advance how Lotronex might affect a patient.

Lotronex can cause ischemic colitis, a potentially fatal condition that can restrict the supply of blood to the colon and cause gangrene. This may require surgery to remove part of the colon.

The symptoms of ischemic colitis can include:


         Bloody stools

         Rectal bleeding




         New or more severe abdominal pain

         Low back pain


The warning signs of ischemic colitis are not always obvious and may not appear at all.


According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, ischemic colitis may afflict one out of every 350 people who take Lotronex for six months. The risk for those who take Lotronex for more than six months is not known.

Lotronex has also been linked to constipation severe enough to rupture the bowel, which can require surgery and blood transfusions, and even cause death. One out of every 1,000 Lotronex patients may suffer from serious constipation problems, according to the FDA.


If you experience any of the problems associated with Lotronex, talk to your doctor immediately.

And if you or a loved one has taken Lotronex and suffered from such problems, contact the office of Monheit Law promptly to see if you have a legal case.

Each state sets strict deadlines for people who have been injured to file a lawsuit, and the deadlines vary from state to state. So if you believe you've been injured, it's important that you get legal advice as soon as possible.



Do I have a Lotronex case?


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