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Brand vs. generic AEDs for seizures, unsafe AED lawsuits

For patients with epilepsy, it's essential to receive the right medication for their condition.

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Substitution of AEDs without the consent of the doctor and patient can have devastating consequences for seizure recurrence.

To prescribe the most effective AEDs, doctors must take into consideration AED's side effects, patient's health plus other prescriptions taken, among other factors. Because each patient's situation is unique, access to all AEDs is vital.

Unfortunately, FDA policy leaves room for significant differences between versions of the same drugs, name-brand and generic alike. These differences can cause harmful changes in a patient's condition. One epileptic breakthrough seizure caused by a change in medication can have life-altering consequences which include the loss of a driver's license, loss of a job, serious injury, and even death.

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The (AAN) American Academy of Neurology believes that doctors should make every effort to identify when patients can be treated effectively with less expensive alternative AEDs. More importantly, the discretion regarding this decision should remain with the prescribing doctor and should not be determined by healthcare coverage limitations or pharmacies.

Given the current uncertainty, and the potential negative effect on quality of life from seizure recurrence, AAN believes AED therapy does not vary. Since authoritative evidence based on the effects of generic AED is lacking, doctors are urged to report cases of breakthrough seizures or drug toxicity to the FDA when a patient has been prescribed generic AEDS.

People taking the generic version of Keppra have not only suffered seizures but long-term migraine headaches, drop in blood sugar, dizziness, muscle spasms, depression, shortness of breath, and aggression.

Were you or a family member informed about the differences between the Keppra brand and generic Keppra? Have you experienced debilitating side effects or the return of seizures after taking the generic AED for Keppra by Mylan? If you answered yes, find out if you qualify for a Mylan generic AED lawsuit.

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