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Our firm uses Nicholas P. Cipriano, a licensed, Private, professional detective to conduct many of our on site facutal investigations. Nick has been in the detective business for over 25 years. Please know that being a private detective is not what you see and hear on the TV. That is make believe. Nick is the real deal.

First of all, a private detective cannot operate without a license. If you intend to deal with someone who is not licensed, beware. This is not a good start. Nick is a licensed Private Detective. He is licensed with the District Attorneys office in Pennsylvania and is also licensed with the State Police. This license is not easy to obtain. You must qualify and the qualifications are stiff. Nick's background is checked extensively. Once you meet the qualifications and you apply for your license, your life and how you have lived it comes under complete investigation.

A private detective goes through the same background checks as does a police officer when he or she applies for their position. The only difference is that a P.I. background is updated every 2 years. Every 2 years Nick must report to the local authorities where he will be fingerprinted and the process begins all over again. This is why Nick takes his profession very seriously.

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