First Name:
Last Name:
Date of Surgery:
Type of Surgery:
Neck Surgery
Spine Surgery
Name of Doctor / Hospital:
What Complications Occurred:
Brain Damage
Life-threatening cervical bone graft complications
Insertion of feeding tubes
Additional surgery to drain the implant site
Please Describe Injuries Caused by the InFuse Product:

Medtronic Spinal Medical Device Maker Under Investigation

Medtronic Spinal Medical Device Lawsuits

Why do doctors and hospitals use off label medical devices and drugs?

Part of the reason is because these medical devices like Medtronic's Infuse bone graft and others are recommended by other doctors.

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So much so, two bipartisan politicos are conducting a Senate investigation as to whether or not this is a conflict of interest and just how ethical the practice is. The drug and medical device makers are not permitted to promote off label uses but there are no FDA rules preventing doctors from doing so via articles, newsletters, speaking engagements, and positive word of mouth to their colleagues.

Suddenly many doctors in private practice and public teaching hospitals are finding themselves under the government's microscope to determine how much they are being paid by Medtronic, the spinal medical device maker, and what exactly are they doing for these vast amounts of income.

As a patient or the family of a patient who has been victimized by medical devices such as Medtronic's Infuse bone graft, you have to ask:

  • Was Infuse bone graft device used in the manner which the FDA approved it for?
  • Did the doctor or hospital disclose that he/she/they had financial ties to Medtronic?
  • Was there a more appropriate treatment that you were not informed about?
  • Were you informed that the implantable device was off label? Did you understand what that meant?
  • Does your health insurance cover off label medical device use?
  • Were you informed that your insurance might not cover off label spinal devices?
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