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Liver Transplant Surgery Needed in Some Hydroxycut Cases

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Hydroxycut products have been found to be damaging to the liver. While the percentage of people with liver disease from Hydroxycut is small the product is recalled due to the possible severity of the damage.

If you have used Hydroxycut products in the past and have experienced liver problems as a result you should seek advice about how to proceed.

About Liver Disease

Liver disease is characterized by a breakdown in the function of the liver. The liver is the largest solid organ in the body and is responsible for many important functions. The liver provides detoxification ridding the body of many harmful toxins. The liver makes proteins that actually contribute to maintaining the proper amount of blood in the body as well as assisting in clotting. The liver stores and processes fats that are used by the body for energy. One of the most important functions of the liver is to secrete bile that helps the intestines absorb vitamins.

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People cannot survive without a functioning liver. When the liver is damaged it can no longer properly perform these functions. In the case of damage caused by Hydroxycut some of the harm may be reversed when product use is promptly halted. Severe acute liver damage cannot be corrected and survival is dependant on a liver transplant.

Liver Translants

Liver transplant surgery is quite a complex operation. The liver is a solid organ as well as a gland so liver transplant surgery is considered organ transplant surgery. As soon as it is known that a liver transplant is necessary the patient goes on a waiting list. The liver must be a proper match for the recipient. It may take days, weeks or even months to locate a liver suitable for transplant. The patient needs to be prepared and ready to go to surgery at a moment's notice when a matching liver is located.

Liver transplant surgery is considered major surgery and you will likely have a team of surgeons who will perform the operation. The surgeon opens the abdomen and first removes the old liver. The liver is connected via various major blood vessels and bile ducts that are left intact for reconnection to the new liver. The patient will likely have a drainage tube inserted that is used to drain bile from the body during the procedure. The new liver is then placed in the body and reconnected to each of the blood vessels and bile duct.

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