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Heparin Diabetes Medication Increases Risk of Heparin Heart Failure

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Baxter Healthcare temporarily stopped making multiple dose vials of heparin because of recent deaths and reactions.


Heparin is a blood thinner manufactured by Baxter Healthcare. On February 11, the FDA announced that Baxter Healthcare temporarily stopped making multiple dose vials of heparin (the kind that gets injected) because of recent deaths and diminished quality of life threatening reactions such as difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, excessive sweating, and rapidly falling blood pressure which can lead to shock.

Baxter Healthcare notified doctors and hospitals and doctors and hospitals should have notified patients who have been treated with multiple dose vials of injected heparin. If you or a loved one have been injected with multiple dose vials of heparin or a combination of single dose vials at kidney dialysis centers or while undergoing heart surgery or a specialized blood cell treatment called photopheresis and are the victim of serious heparin side effects – please do not hesitate to contact the Pennsylvania personal injury law firm, Monheit Law.

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Heparin Diabetes Medication Lawsuits

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