Medtronic Wire Recall

Medtronic Defibrilaltor Wires
- Recall -
The Defibrillator Leads (Medtronic Recall) Case

Medtronic Defibrillator Wire
Sprint Fidelis Recall

Are you nervous? Have you called your doctor about the potentially faulty lead wires connected to your implanted heart device? Are you going to have a surgery related to these lead wires? Has your doctor recommended you have the Medtronic Lead Wires Surgically Removed? (Read More about the Medtrnoic Sprint Fidelis Lead Wire Recall).


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What should you do about the Medtronic Lead Wire Recall of Sprint Fidelis Leads?

You should consult your doctor. See what your doctor recommends and whether your leads are testing properly.

You should contact a lawyer. Medtronic should have been more careful. We believe that Medtronic is responsible for Negligence, Strict Product Liability, Breach of Warranty, violation of Consumer Protection laws. We also belive that Medtronic should pay for the expense of Medical Monitoring and for any surgery related to replacing the Sprint Fidelis lead wires.

Replacing the wires is not simple. There are risks assocaited with additional surgery. So patients with these leads are in a difficult situation. Removal/Replacement Surgery is not simple. As many as 1% of the 268,000 patients with these leads may require replacement. That is thousands of people who may need additional surgery. The risks and complications of defibrillators replacement surgery include:

  1. unit failure
  2. broken wires (leads that deliver the shock)
  3. an adverse or alergic reaction to the anesthesia used during surgery
  4. mistake by the doctor, which could include the puncture of blood vessels, the lung, veins, or heart by a needle or the lead wires
  5. bleeding of the pacemaker pocket in subcutaneous tissue
Keep in mind, this is a surgery that involves opening up the chest wall. Thus, in particular, infection is a huge risk. And if there is an infection, it is not unusual for a second surgery to be performed to move the unit to the other side of the chest. At that point having to face all of the same risks and complications again.

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