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Thousands of Guidant defibrillators implanted in the U.S. can't be fixed externally. As a result of the impending recall lawsuit, Guidant has finally said it would pay to replace its flawed or defective defibrillators if patients requested it. Learn more about this dangerous device and whether you qualify for a replacement or for a defibrillator recall lawsuit against Guidant.
Recall lawsuit: Guidant is faced with defibrillator recall lawsuit filings from patients who have a guidant defibrillator. If you are interested in a free defibrillator recall lawsuit inquiry, contact Monheit Law by using the recall lawsuit form below.
Medtronic Defbrillators: Medtronic is also facing lawsuit problems due to defective Medtronic defibrillators. If you are interested in a lawsuit for Medtronic defibrillators or making a recall lawsuit inquiry, contact Monheit Law by using the Medtronic defibrillators recall lawsuit form.

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Which manufacturer's device has been implanted? (please check all that apply)
MEDTRONIC defibrillators
Which device(s) have been implanted? (see ID Card for Model #) (please check all that apply)
Ventak Prizm 2 DR (Model 1861), prior to April 16, 2002
Contak Renewal (Model H135), prior to Aug. 26, 2004
Contak Renewal 2 (Model H155), prior to Aug. 26, 2004
Ventak Prizm AVT
Vitality AVT
Renewal 3 AVT
Renewal 4 AVT
Medtronic Concerto
Unknown or Other
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