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Lap Band Surgery Lawsuits

Gastric Bypass and Gastric Bands Surgical Errors,
Medical Malpractice, and Settlements

Gastric bypass surgery is risky. Surgery on a morbidly obese patient has greater risk.


Gastric bypass operations require the cutting and reconnecting of tissue, problems with the suture or staple line connections can be deadly. Gastrointestinal juice leakages from surgical connections can lead to serious infection, abscess, peritonitis and death.

Any evidence of symptoms that might be caused by a leak must be investigated immediately.

On day two, pain should be lessened. If pain is worse or there’s back pain, left should pain, excessive urination, difficulty breathing or great anxiety – you may have a leak.

The most crucial facet that a doctor and his team can do after gastric bypass surgery is not pay attention to the patient and the patient’s symptoms and complaints. Failure to take the patient’s complaints seriously and act quickly would be considered medical malpractice.

Gastric bypass settlements have occurred following a death caused by leakage, complications from a leak, death from esophageal disruption during gastric bypass surgery, death from a delayed diagnosis of a leak, complications from a vertical banded gastroplasty, and death from infection after gastric bypass surgery are just a few.

While people have a dream of being thinner and healthier, they must also take into consideration the great risks involved in gastric bypass surgery and gastric band surgery.

If you or a loved one has experienced life threatening adverse reactions to gastric bypass or gastric band surgery or a loved one has died, please consult Monheit Law to determine what your legal options are regarding a medical malpractice lawsuit.


Lap Band Surgery Lawsuits

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