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Has anyone won a lawsuit against Fosamax?

Jaw Bone Death Lawsuit Information

The question is: Has anyone won a lawsuit against Fosamax?

The answer is: Yes! Merck & Co., the makers of Fosamax, have been sued and have paid out big money for a Fosamax lawsuit.

There are many more lawsuits in the legal pipeline from people (plaintiffs) who have suffered grievous Fosamax injuries and debilitating side effects.

Some Fosamax lawsuits may be consolidated and some will be individual lawsuits.

The fact remains that Fosamax has harmed thousands of women and some men and pharmaceutical companies should be held accountable for costly prescription drugs that harm the public.

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Of course, you won't know if you have a Fosamax lawsuit until you contact a law firm like Monheit Law which fights for settlements against big pharmaceutical companies and unsafe drugs.

Monheit Law will ask you to answer a few questions about your symptoms, injuries, and diagnosis. The information you provide is confidential and under no obligation to continue.

Sometimes the most frustrating thing about your Fosamax injury experience is that you cannot get answers from your doctor or healthcare provider and certainly not from Merck & Co.

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