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Use of Fleet Phospho-Soda Puts Diabetic Patients at High Risk for Kidney Failure

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Fleet Phospho-soda is an oral sodium phosphate laxative used for clearing the large intestine prior to colonoscopic procedures.

It has been discovered that a potentially lethal side effect of this laxative is acute phosphate nephropathy which may lead to kidney failure. The kidneys filter blood, eliminate waste, and balance electrolyte levels. When the kidneys fail, there is an accumulation of fluids, electrolytes, and waste in the body. This can lead to permanent kidney damage and possibly death.

Patients with diabetes have elevated blood sugar and may excrete some of that sugar in their urine. Sugar molecules are larger than the filtering tubules of the kidney, so each time sugars push through, they cause damage. Over time, the accumulated damage may lead to kidney failure. Kidney failure is extremely serious and can require dialysis, a method of moving the blood through a machine for filtering several times per week, or transplant, in which a healthy donor kidney must be obtained and surgically transplanted into the patient.

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If a diabetic patient used Fleet Phospho-soda to prepare for a colonoscopy, or other intestinal diagnostic examination, they were put at extremely high risk for acute phosphate nephropathy and ultimately kidney failure. Because the kidneys were already compromised due to diabetes, these patients were already at higher risk. Fleet Phospho-soda has the potential to cause deposits of calcium phosphate crystals in the kidney. These deposits further impair kidney function and can result in irreparable damage or failure. Added to the impairments from diabetes, the risk was substantially elevated.

In December 2008, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially recognized the dangers of using oral sodium phosphate laxatives for gastrointestinal examination preparation. In response, C.B. Fleet recalled their over-the-counter products, Fleet Phospho-soda and Fleet Phospho-soda EZ-Prep Bowel Cleansing System. Oral sodium phosphate laxatives continue to be used in prescription form via Visicol and OsmoPrep, both of which contain mandatory black box warnings as required by the FDA.

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If you, or someone you know, is a diabetic patient who used Fleet Phospho-soda or the Fleet Phospho-soda EZ-Prep Bowel Cleansing System in preparation for a medical diagnostic procedure and suffered kidney damage, contact a fleet phospho-soda side-effects lawyer for information regarding your legal rights.

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