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Medical Conditions that Require Fleet Phospho-Soda: Be Aware of the Risks

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Fleet Phospho-soda is an oral sodium phosphate laxative.

This type of laxative may used occasionally to relieve constipation if milder products are ineffective. The main use of this medication is for thorough emptying of the bowel prior to gastrointestinal diagnostic procedures such as colonoscopy. The mechanism of action of this powerful laxative is through increasing fluid in the bowel as well as stimulation of peristaltic action (contraction of muscles to move stool through the intestine). Patients with certain medical conditions should be especially cautious of using this type of laxative.

Fleet Phospho-soda is prepared by mixing liquid into the powdered medication by following label instructions. The solution may be refrigerated to improve taste, but not frozen. Patients should drink the mixture as directed by their doctor. Since the laxative effect will remove large amounts of liquid from the body, patients should drink adequate clear liquids in addition to the Phospho-soda to prevent dehydration.

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Patients who have the following conditions should discuss the use of Fleet Phospho-soda with their doctors prior to use: pre-existing kidney disease, heart failure, or diabetes. Potential adverse reactions exist with use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, ACE inhibitors, diuretics, ARBs, and any other medications that affect kidney function. Patients over 55 years of age could experience elevated risk for kidney damage.

The most severe adverse reaction to oral sodium phosphate laxatives such as Fleet Phospho-soda is acute phosphate nephropathy. This condition is characterized by calcium phosphate deposits in the tubules of the kidney, causing damage and, very possibly, failure of the kidneys. The symptoms of acute phosphate nephropathy include feeling generally ill, drowsiness and lethargy, decreased urine output, and swelling in feet, ankles, and legs. Symptoms are often slow in onset and are not always recognized early. Because of this, patients who are at increased risk should have their kidney function checked closely before and after taking the laxative.

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Anyone using Fleet Phospho-soda or other oral sodium phosphate laxatives for relief of constipation or preparation for bowel procedures should be aware of the risks prior to taking the medications. Dangers of kidney damage are for all patients, not just those with increased risk. Patients should be fully informed and inquire about alternatives prior to taking these medications. If you or someone you know has taken Fleet Phospho-soda to treat constipation or to evacuate bowels for a diagnostic procedure and has suffered from kidney damage or failure, seek advice from a fleet phospho-soda side-effects lawyers attorney as soon as possible.

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