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What is Shoulder Dystocia?

Shoulder Dystocia Lawsuit Information

Shoulder dystocia frequently is benign. Yet, for some, shoulder dystocia has severe consequences. Babies suffer from Erbís palsy and brachial plexus palsy (nerve damage that causes deformity and permanent disability), broken bones, permanent brain damage due to suffocation during birth, and death. Mothers may suffer from uterine rupture, hemorrhage, painful separation of pelvic bones, a permanent opening that tears between the vagina and rectum and is subject to many infections.

Although stuck shoulder births are hard to predict, the first sign of a problem is when the babyís shoulder doesnít appear right after her head or if the head appears and then retreats. Some risk factors associated with stuck shoulder are: unusually long labor, gestational or maternal diabetes, using forceps with the birth, a petite mother, delivery after due date, abnormally shaped pelvis, excessive weight gain during pregnancy, and an oversized baby. Stuck shoulder affects 0.25 percent to one percent of U.S. births per year.

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Medical malpractice results when a doctor does not provide the best care possible or fails to live up to a standard of care recognized by the medical community. Do you have a medical malpractice lawsuit caused by shoulder dystocia?

Ignoring risk factors could justify medical malpractice. Medical malpractice may happen when a doctor uses excessive force to reposition the baby, tearing nerves causing Erbís palsy or brachial plexus palsy which causes partial or complete paralysis. Paralysis may last for a few months, a few years, or forever. Paralysis leaves babies and children with limited use of their arms, atrophied arms, and disfigurement. Sometimes multiple surgeries and physical therapy correct the problem and sometimes not, causing permanent disabilities.

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