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What is the Problem? Hydroxycut Liver Damage

With Hydroxycut and its 14 products which were recalled, the problem is liver damage.

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People with no previous liver damage or health problems experienced serious problems soon after taking Hydroxycut weight loss supplements.

There could be hundreds to thousands of people who didn’t make the connection and didn’t report the problems. Are you one of them?

With Hydroxycut and its 14 products which were recalled, the problem is liver damage.

Symptoms of liver damage include jaundice and brown urine. Jaundice is diagnosed when the skin or whites of the eyes has a yellowish hue. Other liver damage symptoms are nausea, vomiting, light-colored bowel movements, dizziness, excessive fatigue, weakness, abdominal pain, itching, and loss of appetite. People developed hepatitis from Hydroxycut.

Some Hydroxycut consumers experienced blurred vision, irregular heartbeat, heart attacks, and rhabdomyolysis, a muscle disorder that can lead to kidney failure.

Some Hydroxycut consumers reported that the symptoms and liver damage happened right away and others developed them after stopping Hydroxycut. Most required hospitalization.

The liver damage was so severe that one person had liver transplant surgery, one is waiting for a liver transplant where the demand for matching livers far exceeds the supply, and one 20-year-old male bodybuilder died from liver failure.

Another problem is: With products like Hydroxycut and other weight loss supplements there is no FDA pre-marketing oversight. The prescription drug industry has plenty of problems but at least there are clinical trials and a paper trail of FDA oversight.

Yet another problem is that there is no easy way to report weight loss supplement problem. The FDA tracks Hydroxycut post-marketing episodes but for the 20-year-old bodybuilder who died in February 2007—his death was not reported to the FDA until March 2009.

What took so long?

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