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Drug Eluting Stents: Medical Miracle or Blood Clot Nightmare

The concern about drug-eluting stents (DES) centers on blood clot thrombosis. A drug-eluting stent is a stent (think scaffold) placed into narrowed, diseased coronary arteries that slowly releases a drug to block cell proliferation. This supposedly prevents the scar tissue-like growth that together with blood clots could otherwise block the stented artery.

Doctors implant them in the hearts of about a million Americans a year to treat coronary artery disease. Drug Eluting Stents generate around $5 billion a year in sales for Abbott Laboratories, Medronic, Boston Pharmaceuticals, and Johnson & Johnson, the companies who manufacture them.

Drug eluting stents may be doing more harm than good. Do you have a DES lawsuit?

At the end of 2006, a panel of experts will try to advise the Food and Drug Administration on what to do about DES. Today, the scope of the DES problem is unknown. By one estimate the stents already kill 2,000 Americans a year. Many top doctors and scientists admit that drug eluting stents are a frightening problem that has been greatly unanticipated and no one knows what the long-term danger will be.

Coronary artery stents, typically a metal framework, can be placed inside the artery to help keep it open. However, the stent is a foreign object that incites an immune response. This may cause scar tissue or cell proliferation to rapidly grow over the stent. Additionally, there is a strong tendency for clots to form at the site where the stent damages the arterial wall.

Drug-eluting stents have been shown to be superior for many of the conditions that traditional bare metal stents have been used for. They have been highly successful at treating coronary heart disease and offer significant advantages over other therapies, such as surgery. Since being approved by the FDA in 2003, drug-eluting stents have become one of the dominant interventions in preventing and treating heart attacks, yet with all this hype, the potential for DES caused blood clot thrombosis, heart attacks, and death is very real.

An example of a drug-eluting stent is the TAXUS™ Express2™ Paclitaxel-Eluting Coronary Stent System, which releases paclitaxel.

Have you or a loved one experienced a blood clot or fatal heart attack caused by a drug eluting stents? Do you need a DES lawyer for your DES lawsuit? Contact us today for your free legal consultation.



Do you have a Drug Eluting Stent Lawsuit? Do you need a DES Lawyer?
You or your loved one has suffered a blood clot, heart attack, or death from a drug eluting stent. What was purportedly a medical miracle is a medical nightmare. Who’s to blame? How can you fight back? What can you do about it? The time is right to pursue a DES law suit. Product negligence and personal injury should not be ignored. There is no cost involved. Start by filling out a short pre-case inquiry form to see if you qualify for a DES injury lawsuit.


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