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DePuy Orthopaedics Hip Replacement Problems

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DePuy Orthopaedics Hip Replacement Problems
Have you had a hip replacement after 2003?

Hip replacements are fairly common surgeries in the 21st century and will continue to be as baby boomers grow older.

But, unlike the prescription drugs you take and know their brand and generic names; do you know what type of hip implant you have?

Probably not, but all that may change for a certain percentage of patients who received ASR hip replacements made by DePuy Orthopaedics, a division of Johnson & Johnson's.

What's the problem with the ASR Hip Implant Systems?

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More people than expected suffered pain which required additional surgery. Patients also complained about swelling and problems walking according to company data. Five years after implantation, approximately 12 percent of patients, (1 in 8), who received the ASR resurfacing device; and 13 percent of patients (1 in 8), who received the ASR total hip replacement, needed a second hip surgery. A second hip surgery to fix a problem is called revision surgery.

The problem: Invasive hip surgery has numerous risks including anesthesia and infection plus an arduous recovery and rehabilitation period. Why does the DePuy ASR hip implant have such a high failure after only five years?

The problem: Surgeries are expensive, risky, and require recuperation, putting painful physical and emotional burdens on the patient, his/her family, and their finances.

The problem: DePuy is offering an ASR hip implant solution but it's not enough and risky at best.

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Have you or a family member suffered from a defective DePuy ASR hip replacement system? If the answer is yes—please contact Monheit Law, a Pennsylvania personal injury law firm, to find out what your legal options are in regard to filing a hip replacement lawsuit.

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