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Why You Need a Fixodent Attorney if you've Suffered Zinc Poisoning

Zinc Poisoning Lawsuit Information

Zinc poisoning is a serious medical condition that occurs when a person ingests too much zinc.

Zinc is an ingredient added to popular denture adhesive products such as Fixodent, Poligrip and Super Poligrip to help dentures securely adhere to gums. However, patients who ingest too much zinc may be at risk of zinc poisoning, even if ingested in relatively small doses as one does when using denture creams containing zinc. Denture cream zinc poisoning can result in significant neurological symptoms and even death.

The effects on the individual and the individual's family can be profound and so far Proctor & Gamble, the manufacturer of Fixodent, and GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturer of Poligrip and Super Poligrip have done nothing to protect denture adhesive users from the risk of zinc poisoning. The response to zinc poisoning from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has been, so far, nonexistent.

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Therefore, it is up to individual zinc poisoning victims and their loved ones to protect themselves. The first way to provide that protection is to seek prompt medical attention for any neurological or gastrointestinal symptom that develops while you are using a denture adhesive. Doctors can test the zinc level in your blood with a simple blood test and provide you with treatment that could save your life.

After you have received the required medical care, it is important to stop using the denture adhesive that contains zinc and move to a zinc free formula so as to avoid future incidents of zinc poisoning.

Then, it is important to seek the advice of a products liability attorney who has experience with litigating cases involving medical devices. Your attorney will thoroughly review the facts of your case and explain the applicable law to you. If you were hurt because of the denture adhesive manufacturer's failure to provide you with a safe product or failure to warn you about the potential dangers associated with a product then you may be able to collect damages. Potential damages include payment for things such as past and future medical bills, lost income for time missed from work and pain and suffering. Punitive damages may also be possible in some cases.

In addition to damages, your lawsuit may have a profound effect on the lives of other denture adhesive users. Every denture cream lawsuit brings attention to the danger of zinc poisoning from denture adhesives. Right now the primary publicity regarding zinc poisoning for denture adhesive users is coming from lawsuits. Your lawsuit may prevent another Fixodent or Super Poligrip user from suffering the same physical injuries that you sustained from the products.

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