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GM vehicle recall: Has this happened to you?
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Ford vehicle recall, GM vehicle recall
Has this happened to you?

  • GM vehicle recall: Has this happened to you?
  • Ford vehicle recall: Has this happened to you?
  • Are you the victim of an accident caused before a vehicle recall?
  • Do you need to file a vehicle recall lawsuit or find a vehicle recall lawyer?
Vehicle recall fluctuates from year to year. The causes are many: More automobiles use shared parts or platforms; rapid expansion and increased production volume; and small fixes (usually less than $50/per car) that could have been avoided in the original production but because of competition or profit margin -- the manufacturer chose to ignore -- are just some of the reasons for vehicle recall.

GM vehicle recall includes about 4 million vehicles this year, down from 10.7 million in 2004. Daimler-Chrysler saw a major drop -- about 750,000 vehicles recalled in 2005 compared with 5.8 million in 2004.

Ford vehicle recall saw its recalled vehicles grow by about 1 million beyond the 5 million in 2004. The bulk of the Ford vehicle recalls came when Ford recalled 3.8 million trucks and SUVs because of a cruise control switch suspected of causing engine fires. It was the fifth-largest recall in history.

Also Ford vehicle recall is recalled a wide range of 1994-2002 model vehicles including its top selling F-150 pickup to fix cruise control switches allegedly linked to more than 1,100 engine fires. The defective cruise control switch has grown into one of the most costly and widespread automotive safety problems since the Firestone tire recall. Fires linked to the switches have destroyed homes in Texas, Florida, California, and other states.

Wrongful-death lawsuits have been filed against Ford and two of its suppliers alleging that defective switches caused fires that killed a 74-year-old Iowa woman and a 4-year-old girl in Georgia. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration more than 1,170 car fires have been reported pre Ford vehicle recall and at least 10 million Ford vehicles have similar switches and consumers have been advised to deactivate.

According to consumer advocate Ralph Nader, it would cost the Ford Motor Company $20 to have installed the switch correctly in the first place thusly avoiding a vehicle recall. A Ford internal investigation found that brake fluid could leak into the cruise control switch, corroding its components which led to overheating. The company plans to install a special wiring harness to act as a circuit breaker on the electrical current in the system.

That’s adequate for future consumers but what about those who experienced engine fires and loss to life and property prior to the Ford vehicle recall?

Car dealers were will be reimbursed about $50 per vehicle to fix the Ford recall problem, which would put the cost of the Ford recall at $190 million. In most cases, the fires reported to NHTSA occurred after the vehicle's engine was shut off, sometimes hours later. Many property damage lawsuits were filed against Ford where homes burned to the ground. In the fatal Blake Washington case, the family's Georgia home was destroyed by fire several hours after their 2001 model F-150 pickup was parked in the garage. Ford admitted they made a mistake and they should pay heavily.

Have you or your family been the victim of a Ford vehicle recall? Do you need to file a Ford vehicle recall lawsuit?

Ford and GM may be the Goliath of car makers but if you’re the victim of a vehicle recall – you can fight back. Expert vehicle recall lawyers are standing by to give you a no-obligation free consultation. Contact us today!


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