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SUV LAWYERS.Learn about the history of SUV rollovers from a Lawyer familiar with SUV rollover accidents.

  • Did you know that SUV rollovers happen more frequently than with any other automobiles?
  • Did you know that the government has been aware of the larger than average percentages for SUV accidents and SUV rollovers for many years?
  • Have you and your family been the victims of SUV accidents?
  • Do you need a SUV rollover lawyer?
Car-loving consumers just love their SUVs. In 1980 an investigative report aired on national television showing footage of a test where the Jeep CJ (the model for many early SUVs) rolled over while making a sweeping right turn followed by going straight-on path. Another SUV rollover occurred on film while making a quick turn to avoid an object in its way. Despite the headlines, the perceived risks, the possible SUV accidents ahead of the next curve – U.S. consumers bought the Jeep in large numbers.

For the past few decades -- lawmakers, governmental agencies, and politicians have looked the other way, even to the point of deregulating, making it more difficult to investigate or demand that the auto industry fix the problems associated with SUV rollovers. Think about it: Politicians receive huge financial backing from car makers and lobbyists so why burn bridges?

In 1983 Ford introduced its first SUV, the Bronco II. It was an immediate hit selling 700,000 vehicles throughout the 80s. It didn’t take long for SUV rollovers to cause serious injuries and deaths to rise.

SUV rollover accident attorneys soon learned that Ford knew that its Bronco II prototypes were tipping onto two wheels at speeds as low as 20 miles per hour and even considered shelving the project because of the potential for SUV accidents. But here’s the cincher – Ford’s engineers proposed widening the vehicle by two inches but since the Chevy Blazer was blazing SUV competition – plans to fix the problem were dropped and the Bronco II rolled out regardless of its SUV rollover risk.

Have you and your family been the victims of SUV accidents? Do you need a SUV rollover lawyer? The sheer fact is that government has turned their backs on demanding car makers to provide safe vehicles that prevent SUV rollovers.

How can you fight back against SUV accidents? Hire a law firm like the expert SUV rollover accident attorneys at Please contact us for a free no obligation consultation. Your car insurance carrier will not fight for you but the SUV rollover lawyers at will!


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