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Roof Crush Rollovers caused 10,000 deaths last year!

Roof crush
  • Did you know that roof crush happens more frequently with sport utility vehicle rollovers than any other automobiles?
  • Did you know that the government has been aware of the high number of roof crush accidents caused by sport utility vehicle rollovers but doesn’t do anything about it?
  • Have you and your family been the victims of a sports utility vehicle rollover injury?
  • Do you need a sports utility vehicle rollover accident lawyer?
Roof crush injury kills 10,000 people on the roads every year. There are approximately 250,000 rollover crashes per year many resulting in sport utility vehicle rollover injury. Roof crush injury risks are higher in vehicles with a greater propensity to rollover. Because sport utility vehicles are taller and narrower, they are three times more likely to rollover in an accident than are other passenger cars. In 2003 nearly 4,500 people were killed in sport utility vehicle rollover accidents and many of these victims suffered roof crush injury. Experts report that nearly half of all ejection fatality victims first suffered roof crush injury.

As early as the 1970s, the federal government created a standard roof strength test to measure the integrity of roof structure in motor vehicles. The roof strength test applied to motor vehicles weighing 6,000 pounds or less. Many sport utility vehicles are built to weight more, thusly, exempting them from safety standards that may be crucial to preventing roof crush. Consumer advocacy groups have urged the federal government to modify roof crush standards to include any vehicle weighing 10,000 pounds or less.

Overall today’s federal safety standards fail to provide sports utility vehicle rollover roof strength requirements that will adequately protect people from suffering roof crush injury in a rollover automobile accident. Why? Rollover accidents are regarded as highly survivable providing that the roof structure remains intact and the occupant compartment is not severely compromised. However, this is not always true as other factors come to mind including what happens to the windshield during a roof crush and whether or not a victim is ejected.

Experts estimate that the cost of improving roof strength in sport utility vehicles is minimal. It would cost car manufactures less than $50 per vehicle to protect the SUV buying consumers from rollovers and roof crush injury. However, in our greedy economy, protection against roof crush injury is of little importance for the sake of greater support utility vehicle profits.

Roof crush injury most often results in serious spinal cord, head, and neck injuries which prove more fatal than other injuries sustained in an auto accident.

Have you and your family been the victims of a sport utility vehicle rollover injury? Do you need a sport utility vehicle rollover accident lawyer to file a sports utility vehicle rollover lawsuit?

Experts for sport utility vehicle rollovers & accident lawyers are standing by to help you. Hire a law firm with expertise like the roof crush accident attorneys at Please contact us for a free no obligation consultation. You may be entitled to a sport utility vehicle rollover accident settlement. Do it today!


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