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Cranes and the Side Pull Effect

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The load seems somewhat askew. The lift does not operate as smooth as it should. While such appearances are out of the ordinary, are they really much of a big deal? After all, the load is being lifted.

Yes, but it is not being lifted safely. In fact, the cables and the pulleys that make lifting possible are being exposed to unnecessary – and dangerous – friction. This is an obvious safety hazard yet many operators will take such risks. In some instances, these risks can prove fatal. Let the truth be told: operating a crane that is experiencing the above described side pull is a clear and present danger. That is why it must ALWAYS be avoided.

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When operating a crane, it is important to pay attention to various safety concerns. In some instances, the safety concerns are obvious. If a crane is overloaded, the stress placed on the neck of the crane makes itself apparent. However, there are other safety hazards that may not be so immediately obvious. This is why it is important for crane operators (and even spectators) to pay attention to potentially hazardous stress. One such example of this is the aforementioned "side pull". For those unfamiliar with the term, a side pull refers to hoisting that does not travel in a linear manner.

The best way to avoid a side pull is to make sure the crane is lifting its load straight up and straight down. If it is not doing this, then a very problematic situation can occur. Actually, the most problematic situation will be result from not addressing the side pull. When such a problem occurs, it is important to stop operating the crane. Simply lower the load to the ground and then look to see what is causing the side pull. Once this is ascertained, the steps must be taken to eliminate the cause of the problem. Afterwards, the safe operation of the crane can resume.

Of course, there will be those who do not take these right steps. In some cases, they may simply not be aware that a side pull is occurring. In other instances, they may downplay the potential dangers present with a side pull. Whether one does not take steps to correct the problem because of lack of understanding or outright negligence, the operator will be held liable for any accidents that occur as a result.

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It is not enough to merely operate a crane. The crane must be operated safely. Also, it is not enough to hire someone who can operate a crane. The operator must run the crane in a safe manner. To do otherwise involves placing people's health, safety, and even their lives at risk. As such, it is critical to stop any crane that is side pulling a soon as such activity is noticeable.

That is why it is important to be vigilant. Side pulls can sometime be subtle and hard to detect. This does not make them any less dangerous. That is why close inspection and complete vigilance is always necessary. If you have been injured contact a crane accident lawyer today.

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