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Even Cranes Have Their Limits

Crane Accidents

Despite their value and importance, we have a tendency to take cranes for granted. Yet, their value is enormous. Cranes have the unique ability to harness and hoist heavy amounts of weight to facilitate many construction and transporting duties. So, essentially, the manner in which a common crane can manipulate physics is amazing.

However, there is one rule of physics that can often be overlooked. That is, physics also details the limitations of lifting weight. After all, a crane is not indestructible. Excess weight can cause a number of problems – not the least of which is a serious accident. Then again, even acceptable weight limits can be compromised if the hoisted weight passes the safety zone. That is why it is critical to pay attention to the upper limits of a crane.

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For many cranes, the upper limits are standardized to particular models. That is, a specific crane will be specified a certain upper limit where no load can be hoisted beyond a certain point. To do otherwise can create a serious safety problem. However, there is a certain quandary that is present here. It is next to impossible to make a visual assessment of whether or not a load is being lifted too high. Well, the operator can tell when the upper limit passes the point of no return. That is, the cables and drum may come unglued when the height limitations have been surpassed. This, of course, is NOT a scenario any crane operator wants to be involved in. That is why upper limit switches are so important.

For those not familiar with the purpose of an upper limit switch, it is relatively self explanatory. An upper limit switch is a sort of fail safe mechanism. That is, the switch is programmed with the safety limit and will restrict the crane from lifting a load that exceeds safety limits. Some cranes come with a built in load limit switch. However, all cranes can be fitted with upper limit switches if they do not come with one.

Obviously, these upper limit switches work wonders for reducing the potential for serious crane accidents. That is why it is important for these switches to be installed. Yet, there will be those sites that opt not to install these devices. That is their choice but they are taking a huge liability risk. If a crane accident occurs and the crane was not fitted with an upper limit switch, then the construction site might be held liable.

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Also, it is critical that the manufacturer provide a workable switch. If there are defects in the switch, then the manufacturer may be held liable for any accident that might be occurred. In such an instance, a lawsuit may be filed against the manufacturer if it truly is the manufacturer who is at fault. If you have been injured contact a crane accident lawyer today. Actually, there can also be instances of joint responsibility as well. That is, the manufacturer and the construction site can both find themselves defendants in a civil suit. Hopefully, this will never come to pass. However, if the past is any indication of the future, instances of such accidents are unavoidable.

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