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Looking at the Causes of a Crane Collapse

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Several months ago, residents of New York were shocked to discover that a crane had collapsed in their city.

Seven people had lost there lives in the collapse. This, of course, led many people to wonder what caused the crane's collapse. Upon close inspection of the crane, it was discovered that a $50 strap of nylon fabric had snapped. Yes, a seemingly minor component to the crane was holding the crane together. When the nylon snapped, the end result was catastrophic. Sadly, it was soon discovered that the crane's inspector had falsified an inspection report. Had a proper inspection been performed, the true condition of the strap may have been revealed. This could have been the difference between the accident occurring and the accident being prevented.

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Sadly, such instances of crane collapses are not uncommon. In the same year the crane collapse occurred in New York City, a similar incident occurred overseas. The legs of a crane are critically important to making sure no collapse occurs. In a way, the legs of a crane are similar to the beams that provide the foundational support for a building. If the foundation is weak, then the structure will collapse. Sadly, a tragedy of this nature occurred in China in May of 2008. When one of the gantry legs of a crane broke, the crane immediately collapsed. This tragedy led to the death of three of the crane's operators.

From these two examples, we can see a common thread among both crashes. Basically, if a component of the crane is flawed, there will be a chance that the crane may collapse. Again, the various components of the crane are designed to hold it together. When this is compromised, the end result can be catastrophic.. Faulty parts are generally the main reason crane collapses occur.

Sadly, the example of the crane crash in New York also shows a common reason why crane crashes occur: negligence. As with any other type of machinery, the parts must all be in proper working order. Of course, repeated use, excess friction, the elements, and standard wear and tear can all lead to a crane's parts wearing out. This is why they must always be properly inspected. However, if inspections are poorly performed, then the ability to maintain the safe operation of a crane will be compromised. This is no minor matter. Many lives can be lost when inspections are ignored.

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The causes of a crane crash are varied. The operation of a crane must be proper as well. If weight limits are not adhered to then a crane collapse is possible. Raising the elevation levels of a crane can also pose a serious problem. That is why vigilance is critical when operating or overseeing the operation of a crane. Ultimately, it is critical to not commit any oversights or any serious, egregious operational errors. This will reduce the instances of crane crashes which, of course, will lower the instances of accidents, injuries, and fatalities. If you have been injured in a crane accident contact a lawyer today.

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