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Chinese Drywall Lawsuits

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You heard about it on the news. You are a homeowner in Southern Florida living in a house either built or remodeled between 2004 and 2006. It may contain the toxic Chinese drywalls. Should you get a lawyer?

Many well known firms are jumping on the band wagon to help clients investigate the potential for lawsuits against the builders who used the toxic drywalls. Four class action suits have been petitioned in Florida alone, with others filed in Louisiana, California, Alabama and even Vancouver, B.C. As of May 5, 2009, the Florida Department of Health reported that it has received over three hundred-thirty complaints.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control) are already undergoing studies to determine the possible health hazards the toxins in the Chinese drywalls may cause. The Consumer Product Safety Commission became involved in February of 2009. In May of 2009, the United States House of Representatives passed an amendment to the Mortgage Reform and Predatory Lending Act (HR1728) that requires a HUD investigation into the situation. They also promised financial assistance to homeowners whose drywalls have been positively tested to contain the toxins. So the Feds are all over this issue.

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If your home builder was Lennar, your drywalls will most likely be replaced at no cost to you. The company spokesman stated Lennar will stand by their homeowners and work it out. In fact, over a dozen homeowners as of January of 2009 were relocated so their homes could be stripped to the bare bones and the drywalls replaced. Most likely, if pressured, the other home builders will follow Lennar's lead.

Here is what lawyers suggest on various web sites.

If you are a homeowner, get with your builder. If you do not receive satisfactory solutions, contact the State Attorney's Office to find a qualified lawyer in your area. Also, be sure to contact your mortgage company and your home owner's insurance company.

If you are a sub contractor, seek legal advice. Make sure you are protected as well as paid by the builder. There is a possibility that your company can join others in initiating an aggressive move to limit your exposure. Also, be sure to talk with your business insurance agent.

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