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State Child Support Resources

Learn about the State Agency Programs for child support available in your state.


Child Support Enforcement resources available from the Federal Government

Regional Offices, TANF information & Federal Child Support Handbook


Frequently Asked Questions about Support Enforcement

Child Support Calculators, Questions and Answers about Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Programs, OCSE info


Glossary of Child Support Terms

Learn the definitions of critical terms related to collecting child support. Find valuable resources for the enforcement of child support orders. /Child-Support/glossary.asp


Crib Designs and Safety Concerns

Yes, there are unfortunate instances where infants had died due to neglect associated with the manufacturing of cribs.


Child Support Service Resources on the Web

Links to resources about the Bureaus of Child Support Enforcement, Offices of Recovery Services, Departments of Human Services, Departments of Social Services, & Departments of Family Services.


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Federal CSE Program

The most valuable child support program resource that is available on the Federal Government's web site is the Handbook. With over 90 pages of information, this is the best place to begin educating yourself about the issues surrounding State and Federal child support programs. The handbook has been updated for 2005 and is a wonderful resource.

The site includes information about financial institution data matching, the Federal case registry, the National Directory of New Hires and many other resources useful in tracking down non-custodial parents who may owe child support.

In addition, those seeking state specific child support enforcement information can simply select their state and be directed to the resources for that state using the map of State and Local IV-D Agencies.

For those seeking information on the following topics...

  • Child Support

  • Child Support Enforcement Office, Facts and Descriptions

  • Federal Parent Locator Service

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Child Support Collection/Distribution

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Child Custody

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Child Support Enforcement

  • Frequently Asked Questions for Non-Custodial Parents

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Child Support Orders

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Paternity

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Child Support and Tax Refunds

... there is a helpful question and answer information resource. The online Q&A resource allows you to drill down through the topics, until you find the specific information you are looking for.

See this example of the Federal Q&A database in action.

Additional Federal Resources
TANF - Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
Handbook Overview
Regional Offices

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